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Request for services

Inform Asset” provides a wide range of services concerning business support. In order to save your time and to increase job efficiency we offer you the following on-line service:

1. Request for services.

With the help of this tool you will be able to order any service, provided by our specialists. You can also clarify the conditions of providing services, which you are interested in: contract conditions, price or deadline.

2. Free consultation.

If you need a consultation from a lawyer or a tax specialist we will conduct the first consultation for free. In order to do that, please fill in the application form (page “Receive”). Indicate all necessary elements in the application and briefly explain your situation. Your application will be sent to the lawyer, auditor or the most qualified specialist in this sphere.

3. Subscribe to news.

This source was created to inform our current and future clients concerning taxation and economic laws spheres. This service is free. By filling in the application form, you will receive the most topical legislation news one or two times a month. The long-term practical experience of our specialists will support your business.