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Staff outsourcing

Outsourcing is considered to be the most effective way to optimize business-processes of the company. This term is not a legislative notion, but it is literally regarded as “the use of someone else’s resources”.

Staff outsourcing takes place when the functions of personnel department are assigned to a different company. Thus, two organizations enter into an agreement, according to which one of the companies assigns the other with certain functions of maintaining staff records, entrusting it with an authority to conduct business. Another peculiarity of outsourcing consists in the fact that your company receives an additional department de facto, however it is separated and is not affiliated to the company de jure. Thus, “Inform Asset” specialists deal with staff documents entirely, so they basically execute the function of the personnel department to a full extent.

Outsourcing differs from customer support. The latter predetermines registration and control of staff documentation according to the norms of current legislation. On the other hand outsourcing involves both: business-processes of separate systems and the entire infrastructure, which is assigned through outsourcing as based on the grounds of long-term agreement.

What advantages do the company leaders receive in case they make use of outsourcing services from “Inform Asset”?

  • First of all, you save a lot of expenses.By providing customers with different services wedistribute overhead costs and optimize division of labour, which allows us to reduce the price of provided services and at the same time increase their quality. In addition, you employ services without taking care of the expenses connected to the keeping of the specialized department with qualified personnel. So you are free to increase the efficiency of your company.
  • You save time, spent on administration of staff records. Outsourcing releases financial, organizational and human resources, so they can be directed to the development of company’s new strategies.
  • Flexibility in supervising the quantity of stuffYou would not have to hire new employees in case the company got bigger or cut down personnel if the office was closed.
  • We hire highly-qualified professionals, who employ the up-to-date methods of staff audit and staff records and they also constantly increase their experience, providing services to a lot of customers. That is why outsourcer only improves the quality of his services and always offers ready-made decisions.
  • Unlike permanent stuff, we do not require vacations or sick-leaves, so we always work and guarantee excellent keeping of staff records.
  • Wecontrol your staff recordsso that they would comply with all the norms of current legislation.

Turn to our experts, because when you use outsourcing services, you make a right and reasonable step, which will only facilitate your business and financial prosperity.

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