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Staff documents

Staff documents are first of all aimed at structurizing information about the presence and availability of stuff. They allow you to put the internal processes of the organization in order, such as: recruitment and discharge of workers, change of position, promotion or redundancy of employees, granting of vacation, issuance of sick leaves, increase of rates, change of working conditions. The staff specialist’s sphere of competence also includes: supervision of employee’s personal records, submission of the employment confirmation, including those certificates that confirm the length of service and execution of all the necessary documents for the pension fund; registration of business trips and journalization of business trips, fixation of the working hours, etc. 

Staff documentation is also the reason to account salary, leave allowances, bonuses, benefits, fiat money and other types of payments. In order to do this the company has to keep the working time sheet, calculate the periods of granting vacations and length of pensionable service to pay for the sick leave, impose orders of awarding a bonus or penalty sanctions and file reports concerning the unauthorized absence or improper performance of duties, etc. These documents must remain at the company according to the fixed terms.

Labour legislation contains many subtle and questionable matters and their ignorance may cause undesirable results. For example, if your employee held a position, which is absent from the list of Occupational Classification, it would cause him problems with registering pension after retirement. And if the employee was made redundant or discharged in a wrong way, in this case the employer would have problems.

On 1 January 2015, the Law of Ukraine No. 77-VIIIfrom 28.12.2014 entered into force. This is the Law “On the introduction of changes to certain Legislative Enactments of Ukraine concerning the reforms of compulsory national insurance and legalization of remuneration for work labor fund”, which increased the responsibility of the employer for violatinglabour legislation. Thus, in accordance with the changes to the Labour Code of Ukraine, financial liability of employers is established, which manifests itself in the form of penalties for violating the requirements of Labour Legislation. In particular, this is the work of employers, payment of salaries without proper registration of employment relationships, disregard of minimum state guarantees in the sphere of remuneration, violation of the salary due dates and other payments. Depending on the kind of violation, the size of such penalties ranges from one minimum wage (currently 1218 UAH) to thirty minimum wages (36540 UAH) per one violation.

Penalties will be imposed by the territorial bodies of State Inspection of Ukraineinlaboraffairs in manner specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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