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Accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing is a procedure when certain business-processes or functions are transferred by legal person to the other company for service on the basis of the contract. Outsourcing is often connected to accounting services.

Accounting Outsourcing means transference of functions associated with accounting activities of the company, notably accounting record-keeping, compiling and submitting of company’s accountancy to the corresponding authorities, etc.

Nowadays accounting outsourcing is a highly requested service among different companies. This service is often used by small and medium business enterprises, because it is easier for them to transfer the bookkeeping functions to professionals than to keep an accountant. By delegating part of themanagement functions to the organization which specializes in this field, you improve the production process, reduce costs and time.


  • Consulting concerning business accounting

  • Analysis of company’s documentation

  • Maintenance of accounting records

  • Maintenance of tax records

  • Compiling of tax and financial reports

  • Data processing and insertion of information into the accounting database

  • Working with tax authorities


  1. Money saving

It is cheaper to order accounting outsourcing than to keep your own accountants. The money you save on salary, equipment and software may be spent in other important processes of the enterprise. Financial savings are the primary advantage of outsourcing.

  1. Time saving

By transferring the maintenance of accounting records for outsourcing you may spend more time solving other problems. In other words, you will have the possibility to devote your time to other company’s business-processes. At the same time, company’s administration does not have to worry about the accounting records maintenance.

  1. The high quality of accounting records maintenance

The company, whose main activity category is accounting outsourcing, has a great experience in maintaining tax and accounting records, compiling of different reports and documents. In addition, such company keeps highly-qualified experts that know record keeping in all its minutest details.

You may order accounting outsourcing, which is performed by highly skilled professionals in the company “Inform Asset”. We guarantee the high quality of accounting records maintenance of your company. By using the service of “accounting outsourcing” you may be sure in the rightness and legality of accounting records maintenance of your company.

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