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Registration of the company and enterprise with foreign investments

Registration of financial means from foreign representatives is carried out in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. This procedure is also carried out by regional and municipal administrations.


Registration of the company with foreign investments takes 3 working days. The countdown begins after the actual payment of investments. The order of investing is predetermined by the country’s government.

If foreign investments do not pass the state inspection, the enterprise will not have the right to receive guarantees and benefits that are provided by legislation. The foreign investments may not be registered in case the registration process is violated. The cancellation of registration is not allowed by the reason of its inexpediency.


Registration of the enterprise with foreign investments is carried out by the representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. This procedure takes 3 working days. The foreign investor or the person with formal authority has to send in an application form concerning this registration. These people are called “applicants”.

It is necessary to provide the set of documents so that the registration of foreign investments was carried out properly. Among the documents there should be 3 copies of informational message concerning investment. This document will receive the mark of tax inspection concerning actual contribution. The tax inspector puts it according to the place where the enterprise is located.

The documents that confirm the form of investment from the foreign entity are also submitted. These include agreements of mutual investment activities, constituent documents, as well as concession agreements. Document that confirm the value of investments of foreign origin, for example CCD, bank certificate, the document from the valuer are to be submitted to the ministry. It is also important to enclose the receipt which confirms that registration fee was paid.

The mutual investment activity may be performed by the entities engaged in foreign economic activities and without the legal person. Their work with foreign investors is carried out on the basis of signed agreements (contracts). They are subjected to state registration. The conduct of this procedure is the basis to implement foreign investments. The entity engaged in foreign economic activities, who is the participant of the agreement, submits the set of documents to the specialized agency.

This set should consist of the letter of appeal concerning state registration of the agreement (contract), informational card, the original agreement (contract) and its copy, constituent documents of the parties (notarized copies), the certificate of state registration as an entity that carries out entrepreneurial activity and the certificate of registration of the foreign legal person.

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