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Registration of foreign investments

According to the Act of Ukraine, foreign investments are the values that foreign investors bring into a certain object for example into demesne, product or the newest technical inventions in order to derive an economic or social effect. Herewith, the legal or natural person may play the role of investor. The first variant, of course, is more common than the second one.


But first of all, the investor has to submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine. These documents include: notification, confirmation of investment sum, documents that would confirm the process of investment (cooperation contracts, co-production contracts, etc). The Crimea Council of Ministers and local administration are responsible for this complicated procedure. The term of registration is quite short – just 7 days from the moment all the necessary documents were submitted. If the procedure is finished successfully the obtained certificate of investment registration may serve as the basis for tax exemption.

Apart from this, registration of foreign investments in Ukraine provides the investor with certain guarantees such as state protection from changes in legislation, compensation for losses (that investor suffered due to the fault of public bodies or officials), refund of the investment sum to the investor in case the investment activity is stopped. Apart from these advantages, the duty is not imposed on the products which are transported across Ukrainian border as a contribution to the authorized fund of the enterprise.


The applicant may be refused to register only in case the investor violated the process of registration. The refusal has to be written properly and must include the reasons why the registration was denied. The investor has the right to appeal against this document in court. But the registration fee will not be returned.

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