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Legal services

Qui jure suo utitur neminem laedit.
He who exercises his legal rights harms no one.
Legal formula. The principle of Roman law.

yur-uslThe company “Inform Asset” provides legal support to organizations and business setting up in Ukraine with further assignment of comprehensive legal services to the ongoing business. The legal support of business activity is thought to prevent the appearance of negative legal consequences in business.

By turning to us, you will receive on-line consultation or private consultation with our lawyer, concerning foreign economic law, economic, taxation, company, financial, civil laws, etc.

Our lawyers professionally, quickly, with a glance to the specific circumstances and client’s individual needs carry out:

  • Business registration
  • Registration of changes, corporate restructuring
  • Liquidation of a business
  • Preparation and signing of a contract
  • Taxation law services
  • Labour law services
  • Customs law services
  • Intellectual property law services
  • Company law M&A, competition law and bankruptcy services
  • Legal services concerning building, estate property, land law
  • Services concerning medical and pharmaceutical law
  • Services for foreign citizens and legal persons – non-residents
  • Interests intermediation in courts

The company “Inform Asset” offers its clients comprehensive legal services, general legal audit of company’s documentation or concerning specific agreement.

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