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How to Acquire Ukrainian citizenship and Execute a residence permit?

Which documents does the non-resident have to submit in order to receive a residence permit in Ukraine?

Foreigners that came to Ukraine in order to find a temporary job or those, who migrated to Ukraine have the right to acquire a temporary residence permit and they can stay in Ukraine up to 90 days.

A temporary residence permit is given to non-residents on the basis of job placement permission. It is given to family members of non-resident, who is staying in Ukraine in order to find a temporary job and who has the temporary residence permit that was given as based on such permission (wife, husband, children), a service card for the work in religious organization. It is also given to non-residents, who solemnized a marriage in Ukraine with the resident of Ukraine.

Non-residents have to submit the following documents to the bodies of the migration service of Ukraine according to the place of their residence:

  • An application for a temporary residence permit

  • A notarized first page of the passport, translated into Ukrainian

  • A copy of taxpayer’s registration card (a copy of the ID code)

  • A notarized copy of job placement permission

  • A non-conviction certificate in Ukraine

  • 6 colour photos (3,5х4,5) without luster

In addition, the company-employer of this non-resident has to submit to the migration service of Ukraine:

The temporary residence permit may be given for 1 year with the possibility of its prolongation. If you want to prolong the permit, you have to submit a set of documents which is similar to the first one at least 15 days before it expires.

After you received the residence permit, during the next 10 days you have to register in the local housing office according to the place of residence.

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