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Getting the permission for job placement

Can you help to register the permission for the non-resident’s job placement in Ukraine

Having the great experience in supporting the activity of non-residents on Ukrainian territory, we provide services concerning permission for the job placement.

In order for non-residents to perform the labour activity on Ukrainian territory, their employer has to receive the permission for job placement.

Nowadays, the issues of obtaining the job placement permission are regulated by the procedures for issuance, prolongation and annul of authorizations concerning the use of the labour of foreigners and stateless persons. It was approved by the Decree # 437 introduced by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 27.05.2013 and was brought into force on 05.07.2013

Some innovations are provided by this Procedure. First of all, it is necessary to submit the report concerning the vacancy to the employment service at least 15 days before submitting the application for a permit concerning job placement. Secondly, those documents are then examined by a committee during 15 days and after that the decision is posted on a web-site page of the service and the original is sent to the employer within 3 days since the documents have been examined. Finally, if the decision was positive, the permission is given within 10 days since the money entered the employment service’s account and there is a possibility to prolong the permission only once.

The statements of this Procedure are formulated rather ambiguously and it allows the workers from employment service to refuse issuing a permit at their option.

We are ready to provide you with a highly-qualified legal support in getting permission for job placement as soon as possible.

If you are interested, you may get the consultancy support on the following issues: the procedure of getting permission for job placement by non-residents, legal audit concerning company’s documentation, which is necessary in order to register the permission for job placement, preparation of the set of documents which are to be submitted to the local employment service, getting the permit, consultancy support concerning the registration of labour relations with non-resident, as well as the prolongation of these relations.

At the same time it should be emphasized that using of foreign citizens’ labour without registration of permission for job placement may be penalized by fine at the rate of almost 20 minimum-wages.

If you were refused to get the permission without any reasonable explanation we will provide the support during the appeal procedure judicially.

We would be glad to work with you!