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Accounting services and audit

Accountancy is an art. It’s a profession, which requires talent and patience. A special gift to see a complicated world of economics in its correlations and harmony behind the numbers.
І. Stemmle

buh-yslugiThe company “Inform Asset” offers services for outsourcing of accounting services, staff records management, bookkeeping report submission, personnel records and tax management as well as other services, concerning accounting services for legal and natural persons.

By ordering services in the company “Inform Asset” you will receive not only a professional accountant, but also legal support and tax law consultant.

We suggest using the following services of our company:

  • Comprehensive or one-time accounting services (connected with original document processing);
  • Accountancy and tax management enterprise renewal and update;
  • Business activities auditing:
    • Bookkeeping auditing
    • Tax management auditing (including tax reporting)
    • Personnel audit includes: collective agreements, contracts, orders, staff schedules, leave provisions, medical certificates, job descriptions, service records, material liability agreements, etc.
    • Complex analysis (includes everything mentioned above and some )
    • Legal assessment of enterprise’s activity condition
  • Financial report auditing
  • Auditing of finance and economic as well as economic and legal situations
  • Express-audit – a selective inspection concerning discussed task of separate parts of bookkeeping and tax management or periods of finances and business operations. The aim of express-audit is to assess the general condition of bookkeeping and tax management, organizations’ taxation policy, possible tax risks.
  • Consultations concerning finances and business operations and legal nature activities issues.

A perfect accountancy is an essential condition of business prosperity. We guarantee the high quality work. The bookkeeping of you enterprise will be carried out according to all rules of current Law of Ukraine.

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