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Staffing services

Staff policy and staff management systemundoubtedly constitute a very important part in the work of every company that is why company leaders have to pay enough attention to them. Labour Code contains many subtle and controversial issues and their ignorance may cause undesirable results. Depending on the type of violation, the amount of penalties range from one minimum wage to thirty minimum wages per one violation. Apart from that, employer also bears administrative and criminal liabilities. Therefore, it is really important to professionally maintain staff records and to perform personnel administration according to the norms of current legislation.

 “Inform Asset” company experts possess all the necessary skills and knowledge in providing high-quality staffing services, such as:

  • Stuff record management, which may fully or partially include: keeping employment records book, registration of labour agreements, staff schedules and orders, compiling of post profiles and material liability agreements, compiling of tables on the usage of working hours, etc.
  • Consultations concerning labour legislation and development of the new staff policy. As practice shows, disregard of the current labour legislation leads to such undesirable problems as: high penalties, suits as well as endless examinations and inspections;
  • Conduction of staff audit, estimation of the violation level and reinstatement of staff records;
  • Outsourcing predetermines the transference of functions from your personnel department to our Company. Entrust the work of personnel department to our professionals, who conduct staff records in compliance with the norms of current labour legislation and management standards and are experiences in keeping staff documentation of companies with different kinds of business activities, properties, peculiarities of staff policies and employment relationships. They are always aware of the latest changes in labour legislation and registration of staff documentation. Our specialists are responsible for the quality of keeping staff records and are always ready to support our customers with assistance concerning the issues, which interest you and offer ways to solve them.
  • Outstaffing predetermines the transference of specific workers, not functions. Therefore we make a certain extent of employees available for the customer. The customer does not enter any legal relations with employees (civil, labour relations), but receives certain services on behalf of his executor, according to the location. Outstaffing is an effective way of solvig staff problems when 1) enlargement of permanent staff is inefficient; 2) there are administrative limits on the part of the business owner; 3) the company needs to enter the regional market without legal registration of the company.

Our clients benefit in the following ways:

  • Considerable saving of financial and temporary expenses;
  • The ability to focus on business, assigning additional functions to professionals;
  • Transparent contractual relations, which predetermine individual peculiarities and customer’s requests.

Excellent personnel management presupposes not only a properly kept documentation of staff changes, but also a pledge of both: employee’s and employer’s protection.

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